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Author Topic: Adultery ---- The Unwanted House guest  (Read 4484 times)


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Adultery ---- The Unwanted House guest
« on: July 14, 2013, 01:21:51 AM »

Dear readers, The following story was written by an author called Indiansubmale on Literotica and it was a bit controversial story on that site. The author had written 26 chapters of the story till September 2012 and he hasnt written any new chapters since. I shall attempt to finish the story later, even thought I might not be able to clearly understand the motivations of the characters. This is a long story with a slow development pattern so please be patient and enjoy reading. Also, this deals with the forced cuckold theme and might not appeal to the tastes of some readers, To those readers I say: Please move on to reading other stories that you like on this website and please refrain from posting hate messages.
So, the fun begins.....

CHAPTER 1: Wives, cuckolding, emasculation, humiliation, pregnancy

My name is Manu Sharma.40 years old, one of the respectable hardworking guys you might have known in your own lives.

This is a multi-part story revolving around incidents over a period of 7 months, during which I went from being an inadequate husband to a completely emasculated cuckold.

It is hard to write a story from the beginning, many years in retrospect, as I am doing now. It is easy to argue in retrospect that had I done things differently at this stage, or that stage, I could have prevented some of the things that happened. Likewise, it is easy to reflect on incidents, so many years after they happened, on what I might have done wrong in those circumstances, knowing how things unfolded later. Also, using the knowledge of what happened later to describe what happened at a point in time also fails to capture the powerful feelings I went through during those experiences. I will try my best to make an effort to not describe what happened in the future, while describing any given part of the story.

Some background would be appropriate. I worked hard to get where I am in my career. Even though I was born into a 'middle class' family, I was lucky enough to be born to parents who could send me to a good Engineering college in Delhi. I worked hard and did a Masters degree in the US. Being the only child of my parents, they were anxious to see me married. But I wanted to make sure before I got married, that I could provide for my wife and our children well, the way my parents were able to provide for me. I had seen classmates of mine get entangled in love affairs, and while some of them did end up well settled, I didn't see myself as the 'romantic' type. Besides, I was a somewhat meek guy, despite the hard working personality. I had my share of crushes in college. My crushes were typically on ****** girls because of my background, as I thought they were the kind of girls I could "take home to my parents", and I found them very attractive. I was more attracted to the fair skinned ones, their complexion and the smoothness of their skin seemed flawless and inviting. Nevertheless, I wasn't the dasher type of person, and meekly saw as one by one, they got 'hooked up' with more aggressive classmates of mine.

These more aggressive classmates were not the studious kind: they were the 'more active' kind, into sports and activities. They didn't like me for my studious nature and my results at college, so they would make sure I got to see them hooking up with the girls they guessed I had crushes on. A couple of the girls hooked up with (for their age) muscular classmates of mine, who especially seemed to go put their arm around them casually all the time, when I saw them. Yeah, they were being intimate with their girlfriend and not showing off, I told myself, and moved on. I would eventually find my mate.

One incident that stands out in my memory from those days was 1 of my classmates, a cute 'homely' girl named Pooja eloping with a classmate of mine, after he had got her pregnant. It kind of set me apart even more from my classmates as a 'loner', as I was one of the few guys from our batch not to attend their wedding reception. I had been brought up to not trust guys, especially in their interactions with girls, and from my family background, this sort of thing was considered the ultimate shame to a family. Nevertheless, I couldn't bring myself to face my classmate who had impregnated a classmate of mine, even though I wasn't in any way 'related' to her. The very thought embarrassed me, here I was, a frustrated weak boyish virgin, and this guy had already planted his seed in a girl from my community.

Life moved on, however. After College, I went on to do my Masters, and then worked in the US for a few years. While I was moderately successful in my career, I knew I was too meek a guy to go and find a mate for myself. So, reluctantly at first, I gave in to my parents' pressure and decided to agree for an arranged marriage.

After a couple of prospects that didn't lead anywhere, I met my wife (then) Kavita Joshi.

Kavita was 24 then, and I was 28. She had an engineering degree like me (but from Mumbai), and we hit off well from the beginning.

Kavita was like a dream come true for me. She was more gorgeous than any of the girls I had had crushes on. She was about 4" shorter than my 5'9" frame, but unlike me, she had a stunning figure. Thanking my lucky stars to have come across her through an arranged marriage, we soon started discussing serious things.

Kavita knew I liked her a lot, and would go the extra yard to please her. Unlike what I expected of her, she didn't seem in love with the idea of settling in the US. In a way, secretly, I thought that would work out better: I had seen a lot of muscular athletic type black guys in the US, and I feared if one of them got a fancy on Kavita, I wouldn't be able to stop what happened. So when she proposed that we relocate to India after our marriage, I readily agreed.

Kavita did not want to relocate to Delhi, she seemed set against the idea. Perhaps, she didn't like the idea of being so close to my parents and wants the independence, I thought. After discussing Mumbai (where she was working at the time), I expressed a preference for eventually moving to Bangalore for my career and cost reasons. And in any case, in the short term at-least, it would be best for us if she quit her job. She didn't like the idea of quitting her job, but then stated that we would need to keep all our money and assets in joint accounts and ownership only, so that I don't punish her for quitting her job. We found that the perfect compromise, and got married in Mumbai.

At our wedding, I didn't see many of Kavita's friends from college, work etc. This puzzled me a bit, as I thought someone as attractive as her would have more friends. Maybe its her dominant personality, I thought.

We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and had a great time overall. Neither of us had been there,the weather was good, the mood and place was romantic, and it made the lovemaking tender.

Kavita had the full body of an adult woman, which made me embarrassed about my weak boyish physique. She had a fairly flat belly, perky breasts, firm thighs and a fleshy curvy ass. She would have been hot in her college days,I told myself. And then I thought about the hot girls from my college, who hooked up with other guys. My mind wandered back and forth speculating over her past, before eventually bringing myself to try my best to please this voluptuous wife of mine.

While I tried my best to keep pace with Kavita, over the course of our honeymoon, she became disgruntled a bit over my staying power, stamina and size. I was 4 1/2" when hard, and I got the feeling she was disappointed over my size, though she didn't say so. I could sense this most when we went down to the beaches, and she would openly ogle other guys, especially the muscular black guys. Multiple times, I caught her staring right at the underwear of one of the black hunks, even though they had a woman with them, and in some cases multiple women. She also looked with interest when men/women passed us with tattoos, on them. I imagined she may have wanted a tattoo, but I didn't like the idea of letting another man see her in a possibly exposed situation, and in any case I didn't see what she might have seen in it. Overall, I started feeling insecure about being in the US for long.

My fears over Kavita's disillusionment over my sexual performance grew over course of our honeymoon. When we went down to the beaches at first, she was dressed in regular Jeans and t shirts. But over the course of our honeymoon, she started dressing more revealingly for the beach visits. The last 3 days, she wore only cutoff tops and mini skirts that flaunted her navel and thighs for the thirsty eyes on the beaches. . And I could see those eyes feast on her curves, though I was grateful they mostly left us alone. Looking around at the women in bikinis, I was grateful that she didn't parade her body to the extent the other women on the beaches did. I wondered how many of them would want to make love to Kavita if I hadn't been around. And worse, I dreaded, feared, if she would consider sleeping with any of them, to get satisfied in bed better than I had been doing.

After our honeymoon, I got back into my job routine. We stayed in USA for a while, but Kavita was getting lonely and increasingly nagging me over our plan to go back to India.

We moved back after3 years, after buying a nice apartment in one of the outer suburbs of Bangalore and me getting into a reliable company. We debated over getting a house or apartment, and eventually settled on an apartment as Kavita preferred it much more.

The community we moved into seemed nice and peaceful. A few young couples in IT, with a few older couples as well.

And most importantly, there were no young hunks to make me insecure about losing Kavita.

After we moved in to our apartment, each of our parents came to visit us in the first year, but it was a long trip for them and they didn't stay with us for too long. They brought up the subject of our having kids, which embarrassed me a lot.

Though I didn't want to admit it, with my boyish physique and small penis, I was fearful that we didn't have kids yet because of me.

It was around the time after our parents' visits that Kavita started asserting herself more.

My performance had gone down over the course of these 3 years that we had been in the US. While earlier on, she would not complain about it, now she started to. She started insisting that I do oral sex to please her if I couldn't make her cum through normal intercourse. I asked her at first if she would also do oral sex for me, but she brushed it off saying that she didn't like it, and she wouldn't have to ask me to do oral sex to her if I was satisfying her the 'regular' way. And so I got settled in to bringing her off, mostly by oral sex, even when on days when we had regular sex.

When we went out, Kavita also would look at the young couples with little children longingly, and then give me a pitying look. I would get embarrassed about what she was probably thinking, and later asked her if she wanted to get us checked. She asserted that she was sure there was no problem from her side. I was embarrassed, but still offered to get myself checked. She dismissed it too, saying "no need to check for what's obvious". Seeing my embarrassment, she also added "don't worry, what needs to happen will happen, if God's willing".

She also started getting a taste for dressing in eye-catching manners. Though she hardly wore jeans or skirts then, she still wore salwar-kameez occasionally, and sarees most of the time. She went through film magazines, and wherever she saw an actress or model in a hot sari or blouse, she made a note of it. She soon had a sizable collection of chiffon saris, and a collection of revealing blouses as well. She looked especially hot in sleeveless blouses, and she would dress in these occasionally when we went out. I was conscious of how guys would ogle at her when she was dressed like that, and it increased my insecurity for a while. Though I didn't see her flirting with guys, I did see guys try to chat her up, and it made me jealous. But the conversations were just conversations, I eventually told myself, and got over my jealousy.

The jealous pangs would reduce, over the next few months, as I got used to the fact that she enjoyed dressing attractively, at-least now and then. Perhaps she was just enjoying the reinforcement that guys found her attractive, I told myself. That reasoning changed quite dramatically, about a year after we moved to Bangalore.

We were having a conversation about college friends, and Kavita asked where my friends were, if there were any in Bangalore. To tell the truth, I was not too keen to meet up: some of them had married and had kids, and there were those dominant strong guys whom I wasn't keen on exposing my Kavita to. The topic then drifted to her college days, and she mostly talked of female friends which relieved me to some extent.

Kavita was saying:

"...Yeah, Manjula is still in Mumbai...Reema's in Delhi now...and Prem's in Hyderabad and he's coming to Bangalore the week after next week"

"Oh nice, a college friend of yours? Maybe we can meet him."

"Of course we'll meet him, silly, he's staying with us. Prem's coming here on a short term assignment."

That hit me with a jolt. Kavita hadn't mentioned it before.

"Oh, that's nice. How long will he be in Bangalore?"

"Prem said 4-5 months, sometimes the assignment can get extended he said."

"And will he be staying with us for a few days and then finding a short-term place to rent?"

"No, he said it was costly finding a short term place to rent, and besides, our apartment is well located for his assignment he said"

That made sense, but I was still obviously uneasy about having a guest for such a long period of time. I tried another approach:

"Won't he prefer the privacy of renting a place short-term? Is he married?"

"He's not married, he doesn't need that kind of privacy."

"What about us, our privacy?"

At this, Kavita flared up:

"Yeah, like your noodle is active each night."

That embarrassed me no end. It was the first time she referred to my dick as "noodle". And as things turned out, it was a precursor of things to come.

My feeling of dread increased over the next 2 weeks, as "Prem" called Kavita a couple of times when I was there. She once gave the phone to me, and Prem introduced himself as Prem, her friend from college. And said thanks for letting him stay with us. The feeling I got from the conversation was that he knew I didn't have a choice, in the sense I couldn't overrule Kavita.

Prem's mention of being her friend from her college days threw me a line to investigate on. I looked up Kavita's year-book when she wasn't around, and I saw nobody named Prem or even with that nickname. I was puzzled by it, and brought it up to Kavita the day before he came.

She didn't take to it well, and asked me "So you've been snooping around in my stuff?"

I was embarrassed I muttered hastily "No, I just wanted to check out who he was, etc"

" Why didn't you ask him on phone?"

"Um, well...I didn't know him, I just had spoken to him for the first time"

"So you go around snooping in my stuff?"

"Am sorry, Kavita...I didn't mean to be..."

"Never mind, he'll be here tomorrow, and he'll be here for a few months, you can learn whatever you want to learn about him then."

I didn't like this. My feelings of dread were only getting worse.

(To be continued...)


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Re: Adultery ---- The Unwanted House guest
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2013, 01:24:02 AM »

Chapter 02: "Prem" arrives, and the sinking feeling deepens.

Chapter 02: "Prem" arrives, and the sinking feeling deepens.

In the period leading up to Prem's arrival, I had felt a vague feeling of dread, an unknown fear.

These fears started forming into more concrete form, after that argument I had with Kavita over my "snooping around".

That morning, I got up earlier than usual. Usually, I wake up after Kavita, but that day I woke up first, made coffee for both of us, hugged Kavita and tried to tell her sorry for what happened the previous day. I asked her if she would like to go out in the evening.

She said no, because she had an appointment. Purely instinctively, I asked her what appointment, and she flared up again.

"I thought you were going to stop snooping around?"

I tried to reason with her.

"Come on, Kavita, It would be snooping around if I tried to find out behind your back what your appointment is."

She rejoined:

"Oh, so let's have it your way, you find out yourself what my appointment is. Feel free to snoop around."

I let it go. She was still angry with me over my looking in her yearbook.

I left to work moodily. I was then not as worried about the impending arrival of "Prem" than Kavita's angry mood. I wanted to placate her.

That evening, I came home from work earlier than I usually do. I got her some flowers (she liked to wear jasmine flowers like many married Indian women in India do). I took one look at her, and I knew what her appointment had been.

She had been to a beauty parlour. Looking her over, her skin was glowing. She had gotten herself a facial and I could not help feel romantic over her appearance, and my bringing her flowers. She was surprised that I had brought her flowers, though she didn't wear the gajra in her hair as she normally does. Dinner was a more pleasant affair, and she seemed to have gotten over the previous day's argument.

Since "Prem" would be arriving tomorrow, I wanted us to make love that night. More than anything, my feeling of dread hadn't really passed, and I wanted to make love to Kavita more than anything, to reassure myself than out of feeling horny. Kavita however said she was tired, and we went to sleep quickly.

The day "Prem" was to arrive had come. The day I had been dreading. Somehow, I tried to cover up my emotions and insecurity. I had told Kavita that I would take the afternoon off so we could go pick up Prem from the railway station.

The work day passed in a haze, and I got home to pick Kavita up.

When I got to the apartment, I received the first shock of the day.

Kavita was dresses up gorgeously. She was wearing a light blue chiffon sari with a black sleeveless blouse that exposed more skin than it covered. The cleavage of her big breasts were visible, and I felt I could see her breasts heaving with excitement. Or maybe it was my own dread and fears, I couldn't tell.. She had shaved her underarms as she usually does when she wears sleeveless dresses, and her hair was tied in one simple knot. Her sari was tied just low enough that it left most of her belly and navel area exposed. The chiffon sari highlighted her curvy figure and accentuated her fleshy ass as well.

The thing that shocked me was that she was wearing lipstick. Though Kavita isn't averse to wearing lipstick, she didn't do it much except for special occasions. I guess it was a special occasion to meet an old college friend, I figured.

She also was now wearing the gajra I had got her yesterday. It exemplified her gorgeous looks. Thank God she was wearing her mangalsutra prominently, as well, I thought.

The ride to the railway station was uneventful, and it took us only 30 minutes. I made idle talk, and was pleased that Kavita wasn't being aloof.

After about a 20 minute wait, the train arrived. Walking up and down, I eventually saw Prem for the first time.

I knew it was him because Kavita's face lit up, and she started waving.

We walked up, and he gave Kavita a hug and then we shook hands.

My first impressions of him didn't do much to alleviate my feeling of dread. Prem was just an inch or 2 taller than me, but his physique took me to new heights of fear.

He had clearly been into body-building or fitness at some point of time. He was broad-shouldered, muscular with thick arms that he had clearly worked on a lot, to develop. Probably, he would have been able to make it into the film industry if he were fair complexioned..but he was quite dark skinned. His tight shirt only made his muscular frame stand out next to my boyish weak frame. Our hand-shake was effectively him holding my hand and shaking it, with me limply trying to muster the strength to shake his, and not quite succeeding.

After some chat about the journey, Prem motioned us towards the end of the train, as he said his bike needed to be unloaded.

I didn't know till then that he had brought his bike along, but it didn't strike me as anything particularly worrisome. I started walking, when Prem said "Wait, we also need to take my luggage".

Prem's luggage had 2 pieces: one was a travel bag with what I assumed were clothes. The other was a big metal trunk with a handle on the middle of the lid.

One look at it, and I knew I wouldn't be able to lift it.

Still, being the host, I made a move to try to lift it. It was useless, I didn't even manage to move it off the ground.

Prem saw this, and said "Comeon man, you can do it". It sounded like he was mocking me, but I gave another shot and gave up.

Prem then commiserated that it was too heavy for me, that I could carry something lighter. I was sure I would be able to carry his travel bag, but instead Prem gave his travel bag to Kavita.

To rub insult into injury, he took Kavita's handbag from her and gave it to me. Then, he lifted his heavy trunk all by himself. But before I could protest, Prem and Kavita had started walking towards the end of the platform. I followed them meekly, carrying Kavita's handbag. My face grew red with embarrassment as I realized Kavita was being completely nonchalant to the situation where she was carrying Prem's travel bag and I was carrying her handbag.

It was as though Prem was telling me that I was only fit to carry a woman's handbag, and Kavita was agreeing with him.

We reached the end of the train, where the luggage compartments are located. Kavita took the car keys from me, and Prem and Kavita went to our car to load up his trunk and his travel bag. Before going, Prem got a couple of porters and paid them to unload his bike.

I tried to swap Kavita's handbag for Prem's travel bag, but he said with a smile (was he smirking? I wasn't sure, but I thought he was) that "It's better if we have a man stay here with the bike.

They returned in 15 minutes after loading his luggage into the car, and we started walking towards the parking area. I asked "What's the plan now?"

Prem said "I don't know the way to your house, so it would be best if I follow you guys".

Kavita said: "What if you lose us? You won't know where to go. Better if I ride with you on the bike so at-least I can guide you if we lose sight of Manu".

I couldn't come up with a counterargument, but I felt my dread go up several notches, as I thought about my wife Kavita riding with Prem on his bike.

Still, there was no better plan, so reluctantly, I watched as Kavita got behind Prem on his bike. I started to drive, watching for them in my rearview mirror. Soon, however, I lost sight of them and the traffic got quite bad with the evening crowd returning from work.

It took me 1 hour 15 minutes to get home. As I pulled into the parking area, I saw that Prem's bike was parked, which meant they had got home ahead of me.

I looked up towards our apartment, and saw them both on the balcony of our guest bedroom.

Kavita was standing closer to the ledge of the balcony, and Prem was standing behind her. His hands were where her waist would be...her bare waist. My stomach did a gulp and I tried to pull myself together and wave. Kavita waved, and Prem waved with his right hand. My stomach did another turn, as his left hand stayed near her waist region. Was he touching her, or worse, fondling her? My fears were growing rapidly.

Prem came back downstairs to get his trunk from the car. This time, thankfully, he let me carry his travel bag.

Prem settled in and Kavita suggested he take a bath and freshen up, while she would make tea. Prem said he had to first unpack some of his stuff so he could start his assignment the next day on time.

I was relieved to hear him mention his assignment, he wasn't here just for the sake of seducing my wife!

Prem went about unpacking his metal trunk. We left him alone in the guest bedroom for a while, I heard some metallic noises but didn't go check what was happening. I was afraid of opening the door, and finding him in a state of undress...or rather, the fear that Kavita might see him like that.

After a while, Prem came back to the hall, and went over some paperwork (pertaining to his assignment, I guessed).

I tried to busy myself making some small talk, and arranging our own paperwork on our tables. Along the way, I noticed a badge with Prem's photo on it. But, the name on the badge read "Amir Ali".

I asked, "Prem, your badge has a different name on it, is Prem not your real name?"

He laughed and said "Oh yeah, my name's Amir Ali. My friends nicknamed me 'Prem' in college and that nickname stuck, so a lot of people call me "Prem" rather than "Amir Ali". They do call me Amir at work, though".

I laughed and said "Ha ha, that's funny. I didn't think Prem was a nickname. Why Prem?"

At this, Kavita spoke up: "Take a guess, can't you tell?"

I tried to jog my mind on someone famous named "Prem" whom he might bear a resemblance to, but drew a blank.

Kavita prodded me, as Prem continued to smile: "Think movies. Does he remind you of any Hindi movie star you know?"

I laughed and said "Kavita, you know very well that they don't have many dark skinned Hindi movie stars".

Kavita responded: "Don't just think of colour, silly".

Kavita then addressed Prem: "Prem, go ahead and take off your shirt. You'll soon be taking a bath anyway, so you will be taking your shirt off soon, anyway"

Before I could say anything, Prem got up, took his shirt off. He was wearing a vest underneath, thank God for that.

He then flexed his arms, to highlight his arm muscles and his physique. And then it struck me with a jolt.

The "Prem" reference was to the movie"Hum Aapke Hain Koun" starring Salman Khan. And seeing his physique, I could see the reference to Salman Khan in his nickname.

It didn't make my feeling of uneasiness any better. This actor was known to be a badly behaved Casanova type of guy, flitting from 1 woman to another. Was the nickname reflective of his physique only, or was it referring to the kind of guy he was? Was he a womanizer like Salman Khan? Had he already seduced Kavita? Would he seduce Kavita? Worse, was he here to seduce Kavita?

Putting aside these fears, I grinned as I let them know I finally got it. Kavita said, "Phew, I thought you would never get it!!!"

She then turned to Prem and said "Yeah, you looked more like Salman in those days."

She then reached out and stroked his chest hair and said "You didn't use to be hairy then...but this is much better, you look even better with all this chest hair". And saying that, she stroked his chest hair again.

Standing there, watching them uneasily, I coughed and asked if we need anything else for tomorrow.

Prem said "I know you guys don't eat non-veg being Brahmins, but I have eggs with breakfast every day. And I do have chicken at-least once a week. I don't mind going outside or getting it from outside and eating here, but I'll need eggs with my breakfast."

Kavita said "That's OK Prem, let me know what else you need, and Manu will go get them now. We have soap so you can go have a bath while Manu gets eggs and anything else you need"

There were a couple of other items that Prem wanted me to get, including a specific brand of photographic film. I was to find out why, later that evening.

Knowing I was leaving my wife alone in our house with this hunk didn't help me concentrate on my driving. I got to the shop, hurriedly bought eggs and then went to a specialty shop to get the film. When I got back home and parked the car, Prem had already had his bath.

He was again standing in the balcony, and he appeared to be wearing a towel. He was bare chested.

Kavita was standing behind him this time, and this scene made me far more uneasy than the last time, when Prem appeared to be possibly fondling her waist.

Kavita was stroking his back, running her fingers along it, as he pointed to some things in the distance, and appeared to be lost in what they were talking about. I waved, but they didn't see me.

I hurried upstairs. Kavita opened the door in a couple of minutes, and I saw Prem's door was closed. He probably was dressing up now, I figured.

I asked her if she didn't see me waving, and she dreamily replied no.

I quietly put the eggs away, as Kavita busied herself preparing dinner.

Prem came out from his room. He was dressed in shorts and a sleeveless vest again exposing his muscular arms. This didn't make me feel any better, as I was intimidated enough of his physique, without him having to "rub it in".

I still tried to make conversation, handed him the film, and asked him why he needed specialized film.

It was then that I learn that he was a photographer

Prem explained how it started off as a hobby, and he loved it so much that he decided to make that his profession.

Dinner was a comparatively quiet and uneventful affair. Kavita told Prem about our marriage, our honeymoon in Hawaii, and our coming back to Bangalore eventually. I also learned from the conversation that "Prem" had been 1 year "Junior" to her in college, and that explained why he wasn't in her yearbook. It didn't explain how Kavita and Prem became "good enough friends" for her to want him to stay with us for a few months.

The feeling of dread returned, and the rest of the evening was a blur, till we got to bed.

Again, I wanted to make love to Kavita. I watched as she changed out of her chiffon sari into a more comfortable "home" sari.

.I hoped her choice of going to the beauty parlour, then wearing the same sleeveless blouse she was wearing earlier even to bed, perhaps indicated that she would be ready for sex. I tried to fondle her, she didn't stop me at first, but stopped me when I started playing around with her nipple.

"Hush, we can't do it tonight, Prem's just arrived and in the other room, he might hear us"

I generally give up trying when she didn't seem to be cooperative, and didn't pursue it again that night. The travel, the effect of the small taunts from Prem in the railway station, and then the sight of Kavita running her fingers over Prem's chest hair, and down Prem's naked back and shoulders were too disturbing mentally, and it took a while before I drifted off to sleep.

It was a fitful night's sleep, I got images of Kavita stroking Prem's chest and back with him only in an underwear. Eventually, I took some syrup to help me sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, the bed beside me was empty. Kavita was already up. My heart started racing as I feared the worst at once. Then I chided myself for thinking such thoughts about my wife.

I heard some dull metallic sounds, and got up to see where Kavita was. Our bathroom was empty, and the kitchen and living room were also empty. The door to Prem's room was half open, half closed. I peered through the opening, and saw Kavita and Prem were on the balcony. What I saw made my heart rate pump just a little higher.

Kavita was sitting on the ledge, she was still in her sari from last night. Our apartment had a concrete "bench" in our balcony, and Prem was lying on the bench, on his back. He was in a vest and shorts, and was lifting weights. He was dripping with sweat, and this made his muscular frame look more fearsome to me.

I looked at Kavita to see if she felt the same fear that I felt. My heart fell to see her expression was nothing like fear. Was it nonchalance, or indifference, or concealed lust? I couldn't tell.

Prem caught sight of me through the corner of his eye and said "Hello, you've woken up. Come on over".

I walked over to the balcony.

"I do my exercises wherever I go. It's what keeps me fit, and is my other passion other than my work, photography."

I said:" That's nice, did you bring your equipment in your trunk?"

Prem said "Yeah, that's why it was heavy for you yesterday" and grinned. I tried to return the grin, but it was difficult.

My mind went back to the scene at the railway station. Perhaps he sensed it too, so I tried to grin back.

Shortly afterwards, Prem was done with his exercises. Kavita got up off the balcony ledge, and walked past me into the bedroom, and wished me good morning. I returned her greeting, trying to not show my fear and worry.

Prem then took a couple of steps forward, and stepped into the bedroom too.

Then, without warning, he started saying...

"Exercising every day is a good idea, whatever your preferred kind of exercise is. Me, I prefer to get a good mix of weights and cardio exercises so if needed, I can do this..."

And saying so, he quickly put one arm around Kavita's waist, and another around her thighs near her knees, and lifted Kavita off her feet.

This was a very intimidating sight. Prem had just exercised, and his body was dripping with sweat. His arms were covered with sweat, and this meant Kavita's waist was quickly glistening with his sweat as well. Kavita's left shoulder was leaning against his shoulder, and her sari and blouse in that area were quickly getting wet with his sweat as well.



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Re: Adultery ---- The Unwanted House guest
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Like Prem, I too was dressed in shorts and a vest, but this only made me feel very weak standing next to Prem who was holding Kavita in his arms.

I didn't know how to react. I sheepishly said "Wow".

Prem carried her into the living room. I was going to follow, but Prem remarked to Kavita that she had put on a little bit of weight, to which Kavita poked him in the chest and laughed. It made my stomach drop. Does that mean he had "lifted" her like that before? When, and why? I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answers, it only made me more fearful.

As I reflected on these, Prem appeared back from the hall, and Kavita was still in his arms. She had picked up her handbag from the hall. Prem and Kavita came close by, and then Prem said:

"If you don't do that kind of exercises regularly, then maybe this is easier:"

And Kavita then extended her arm as though giving me her handbag.

My face fell. They both laughed and Prem said

"Don't worry, it was just a joke"

I tried to grin, and somehow managed to. Kavita however had her right arm extended as though she meant for me to take her handbag. I did as my face went red with embarrassment. Prem then let Kavita down. By then, her entire waist area was glistening with Prem's sweat, and her shoulders and part of her back were drenched in his sweat as well. Kavita told him to have a bath, and that she would have our breakfasts ready by then.

As Prem gathered his clothes, Kavita stood there transfixed, as though thinking about something.

When Prem had got his clothes together, as he walked past me towards the bathroom, Kavita said to him "Wait".

She quickly went to the living room, looked in the cabinets and came back with a tape measure.

She asked me to flex my arm. Dreading what was coming, I did.

Kavita put her tape measure around my biceps and announced 10".

Then she measured Prem, and announced 16".

My stomach dropped. This guy had arms nearly twice as thick as mine, it felt like. If Kavita indeed felt lustful towards him as I feared, how was I going to stop him? Surely she would find him with more stamina and possibly sexual prowess than me? My mind replayed the announcements Kavita made, and how weak it made me feel relative to him. I badly wanted to go take a leak.

Prem broke the silence and said: "Anything else you want to measure, Kavita madam?"

She answered with a smile:" No, go have your bath and get ready for work...both of you".

I gratefully left for the bathroom, and first took a leak. As I did so, wave over wave of embarrassment came back as I replayed the incident in my mind. I dully proceeded to have my bath, but fretful thoughts kept crossing my mind, such as Prem' mention of Kavita having put on a little weight. Had he lifted her in the past, or was it just a harmless comment from observation that came across as a boastful taunt?

Moodily, I dressed up and got ready for breakfast.

Prem was already there. He wasn't fully dressed for work, and was in a vest and trousers. Kavita was still wearing the same clothes, she had not had a bath yet.

I noticed Kavita had prepared boiled eggs for Prem, and mentioned it at breakfast.

Prem said "Yeah, if you work out regularly, you also need to get lot of protein rich food" And then tapped his arms and grinned.

Not for the first time, the grin I returned was sheepish.

After breakfast, I told Prem we could leave for work together, and waited for him to dress up.

As I waited, I snuck up to Kavita from behind her (she was standing by the dining table, trying to clean up), and held her by the table and kissed her neck from behind.

She moaned indicating that she liked it, but then said Prem was going to see us any minute. As I held her trying to be playful, I got the smell of his sweat dried on her blouse and sari.

It was a strong smell, and I was surprised I didn't get it till then. I let go of her instinctively, and just then, Prem reappeared fully dressed.

As we both left for work, my feeling of trepidation got relaxed a bit. He was going to be at work all day, same as me. And I was going to be there otherwise, I needn't be so fearful of losing Kavita to Prem.