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Adult Stories / Adultery ---- I fucked my friends mom tooo hot
« on: July 14, 2013, 01:09:48 AM »
I fucked my friends mom tooo hot,

hi exbii readers this is another experience of mine,i wrote some stories in another thread this second thread in stories ,come to story after resigning the job i started a small business i rented a shop near to city out skirts, there is another shop it is also small business it is running by a couple i introduced myself to them & moved friendly day by day i closed to them,Lakshmi aunty she is my neighbor shop owner wife she is so hot her ass is huge if she walk every watch her ass she dont have that much boobs she have small boobs she always wear sarees below navel i love to suck her navel curves ,aunty have children elder son is my friend he is studying school , he is very frank ,jovial,friendly,too close to me he always share his lot of secrets of him he want fuck his mom's friend Rani http://pzy.be/v/2/hot+aunty+mallu.jpg she is toooo hot she have big boobs & huge ass every one want fuck her if she walks on road i saw her so many times in sarees i also got erected some times but i want fuck my friend mom first i hesitate to say to my friend because he will feel bad later i came to know about his sexual fantasies .he said i want fuck madly rani aunty but she is so good women how he asked i suggested try to praise her with your words & show your cock to her (because he have huge cock 7" inches as same to mine) & i said i want fuck one aunty he asked who is she first i hesitate to say later i said she is your mom lakshmi aunty he got shock & felt bad said please don't talk like that she is my mom but later he liked me because one day he saw my cock as bigger than his cock he said anna you a huge one same like me ok i will help you to fuck my mom tapsee ( here we always called her with this name because she look like tapsee) i smiled my self felt happy. daily we talk about rani&tapsee i always speak about tapsee ass her navel and her thighs he said ohhh no my rani is better than tapsee daily we discuss about rani & tapsee one day tapsee husband & rani husband went three days business trip it is rainy season rani & tapsee got fear because they believe devils for that reason they called me for sleep in their home rani also came to tapsee flat so my friend felt very happy & horny because h got a chance to fuck rani aunty i also felt toooooooooo horny because i want fuck madly tapsee my firned & me planned to pour oil on steps we poured oil rani aunty went her house for to change the dress she weared a pink color saree with black jacet it is very tight fit her navel curves are sooo sexy her boobs coming out in hair full of flowers while she was coming up she fell down immediately my friend hold rani aunty and pressed her navel to hold & his chest touching her boobs rani aunty felt pain on leg he lifted rani aunty with his hands went to bedroom rani aunty said full of pain he said aunty i will do massage she agreed and took some oil and massaging her leg she felt horny she saying here, not here, here like this she lifting her saree finally he placed his hand on rani aunty pussy she immediately hugged him they kissed each other i felt happy because i got chance now to fuck my friend mom tapsee in bed room rani aunty & my friend doing foreplay each kissing biting their body parts my friend undressed his clothes she unbuttoned her jacket and panty bap re what boobs i cant believe my self she got huge boobs my friend pressing rani aunty boobs very she is moaning like this ha mere jaaan press it hardly common suck it eat it mmhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa mhhhhhhhhhhm,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm haaa they sucked each other after that they turned each other in 69 position rani aunty shocked after a look at his cock she licked like ice cream he licked her pussy after that he positioned his cock at entrance of rani aunty pussy he gave big strok rani aunty sounded like this hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha
she felt full of pain first she is throwing him slowly slowlyyyyyy sllllllowly haaaaa hmmmmmmmmmm he giving big big jerks hmmmmmmmmhaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmmmmmhaaaaa mh room aching sounds like this thapak thapak thapak aunty sounding hhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm haaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmm haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmhmhmhmhmh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha finally he ejaculated in rani aunty pussy he hugged her in that position they slept tapsee aunty came to home after purchasing some vegetables she saw my friend & rani aunty nude she understood & scolded them i immediately said aunty leave them see them they enjoyed themselves also we ca enjoy if u are ready to enjoy super sex she scolded me but i didnt listen her words i undressed my self my cock erected like a pole standing in ground she saw my cock & shocked she said bap reeee what is this it is cock or rod she got scared i went near her i pressed her navel she always wear saree below navel i pressed her navel hardly she felt tooo horny hugged me soooo tight my cock at her stomach she touched my cock with shivering hands i pressed her boobs through saree we kissed each other i licked her navel and belly i like that i kissed and licked her neck ad shoulders we went to another bed room i undress her we naked we did foreplay like lovers fist time doing sex ,we sweating, i kissed each & every part of her shoulder under arms belly navel nose eyes ears i chewed her lips she bite my lips sucked my cock like chocolate bar one time she bite my cock also because she want my cock madly . i licked her pussy after pouring honey she pressing my head in her pussy sounds like this hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm haaaaa naku naku inka chika ra na ranku moguda (lick lick lick my pussy my secret husband) while licking i slightly pressed her pussy pubes with my teeth i dragged one by one pubes with teeth finally i palced my cock one her belly and navel curve i placed my togue in navel curve she said darling i cant wait come & take my cherry i gave stroke she sounded hmmmmmmmmmhaaaaaaaaaa slowly i started giving jerks she hugged me very tight because she got too much horny we licking each tongues iam giving big big strokes she is giving full co operation she placed a pillow under her i gave full pleasure. room with full of sounds like this thapak sapak thapak sapak thapak sapak sapak sapak shsssssssssshhhhh mhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa haaa ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ink inka inka aaa inkaaa ( deeper deeper deeper) mshhhhhhhhhaaaaaa ha ha aha aha ha aha aha i fucked for an half an hour because i want her navel & every thing she is so hot that s y i followed some techniques & fucked for half an hour i ejaculated in her pussy i licked her ears lips she adjusting my hair with her fingers she said inka nundi nuvvey ra na mogudivi
naku nuv kavali nee sulli kavali thantha inko danni dengithey nee sulli nake sontham nuvvey na mogudivi mmmmmhhhhh hmchhhhh ( from now onwards your are my husband i will beat you if you fuck any lady other than me your cock is mine iam ready at any time to get fight with you (fuck)& gave kiss) i smiled her with a lip kiss because while fucking she climbed me she fucked me again i throwed on bed i fucked her again she climbed me like this we fucked each other we enjoyed after this we dressed ourselves and came to main hall rani&my friend waiting for me he gave naughty smile rani also laughed and we all discuss this to keep secret that three days my friend fucked rani aunty & i fucked lakshmi aunty day night ,every hour i kissed licked her navel ass some i bite her ass, thigs ,ears we enjoyed three days in next episode i will share another experience which we swap each other partners my friend fucked his mom i fucked rani aunty.


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Adult Stories / Adultery ---- My wife fucked by her boss
« on: July 13, 2013, 11:00:43 PM »
This is true incident about my wife which I am going to share with you all today. Let me first introduce you with my extremely hot and sexy wife Smita. She is 27, around 5’3 inch and well endowed (like a large boobs and a very round and sexy ass) lady. She is working with a real estate firm. She is very sluttish by nature, even in one of my office outing few of my juniors managed to touch and caress each and every part of her lovely body, though she is not aware about the fact that I knew this.

This incident happened last month when my wife asked me to join her in a party hosted by her company. Initially I refused but later I agreed for it since the party was going to happen on a Saturday evening and I don’t have much work in my office. So we decided to go together. On that day due to some urgent work I called her up and shown my inability to attend the party. I also informed her that it will take a lot time and I may return in morning. But later one of junior told me to leave since he can manage the issue alone. So I thought to surprise her by directly catch her right there in the venue i.e her office.

The party was at their office premises only. Let me give you a brief description of that building. It’s a 15 story building and the building is owned by Smita’s company only. So the top 2 floors that is 14th and 15th floor where occupied by there company. When I reached at her office it was around 9:00 p.m. the party was in it’s full swing. Most of guys where already high on spirit, loud music was on, the conference room was turned to a discotheque. I was looking for my wife I tried her number but it was switched off. I met some of her colleague whom I already knew and asked them about her. They told me that she must be around, so I thought let’s have a drink then I will look for her.

So after few drink I went to for a fag on the terrace of that building. I took the elevator from 14th floor which stops after 15th floor and from that place there where 3 sets of stairs towards terrace. The stares where not lighted properly but bright enough that you could see across. Then I had a smoke on the terrace and stand there enjoying the view from that height. So then after some time I thought to go back and search Smita.

While coming back after first few step I heard some voices. I moved a bit towards the voice, and recognized that one of the voices is of Smita. Then I lean a bit to see with whom she was standing laughing. I saw that she was standing there with two quite older guys. (One of them must be in late thirties and other around 45). All of them are holding their drinks in their hands and the way they are talking it was very much evident that all of them were drunk. My wife was wearing a mid length skirt with a deep cut backless top showing her sexy cleavage. I was able to hear them since the place is vacant except 4 of us. The chatting was more than friendly, the guys where sharing some filthy jokes with her and even they are discussing about her assets.

I intended to join them but somehow I stop there and decided to watch them. I go back few steps up from where I had a clear view of them. Then I realize that these guys are my wife’s bosses (His name is Mr Batra and super boss (Mr. Agarwal) I met them in couple of occasion. Then I noticed that while talking, Mr. Batra was caressing her back and occasionally patting her nice round ass while Mr. Agarwal was holding her hand. When they where doing this it seems that she was also enjoying that too.

Initially I was bit shocked but later I also felt it exciting since I always want to swing or go for a threesome but never able to broach this topic. There discussion where like this:

Mr Batra to Mr Agarwal “Sir It seems Smita’s husband is really working hard on her breast see how big are they looking” and three of them laughing a aloud.

Then Mr. Agarwal said with a nasty smile “Hey Smita why don’t you give a glimpse of your lovely assets after all we two want to be lucky tonight”

Smita said with a naughty smile “How can I show you here? anybody can come”

Mr. Agarwal said “Don’t worry I have already stopped the lift and will ask the security not to allow anybody in terrace”

So she said “Sir are you guys serious I was just joking and thought you are also joking like any other days”

So then I came to know that these types of discussion are common amongst them.

Now Mr. Batra said “Hey Smita don’t be a spoil sport now, we only want see and moreover I think you are aware about your promotion which is due, just take it as an special assignment” and he passed a smile and moved towards to down stairs (may be towards security)

Mr. Agarwal said “So Smita please don’t break our heart “

Smita said “Ok” with a naughty smile “but no touching! Right”

By that time Mr. Batra was back & two of them said “Right”

So she slowly pulled off her top and she reveled her low cut black bra. I can easily able to understand their situation since by sight of that even I am getting a hard-on.

And after say a minute she said “Ok now can I put it back?”

Both of them said “NO”

Mr. Batra said “The deal was to show your boobs, it is only Bra darling”

I was stunned whether she will take of her bra in front of two guys or will she refuse. But by the time I was thinking about it, suddenly I saw her hand was already on her back to undo the button of bra. And within a second she was standing topless in front of two guys other then her husband. Her 36D Size boobs was free for their view. Her tits where already erect and she look more slutty with that black skirt and high heels on.

Both of them where ogling on her and by their expression anybody can make it out that they want to fuck her right there.

Mr. Agarwal to Mr. Batra “Batra I think we underestimated her husband the actually better then what we are thinking” and three of them start laughing.

So then Smita tried to put her bra on. So Mr. Agarwal offered to help her to do so. She gave her bra to him and he swiftly throw it to Batra and both of them start laughing.

She said “Sir please give it back, this is not fair.”

On this Mr Batra Said “Jaan everything is fair in love and war. Hey you know how greedy people we are, let make another deal for your Bra & Top?”

She asked “What now?” with a light smile as if she knows the deal.

Mr Batra Said “Just want to see darling how you look without any clothes” and winked.

She said “WHAT? No way, I am not going to do this”, and turned her back to them.

Mr. Agarwal said on this “Smita are you planning to go downstairs topless”

Listening to this she smiled and turned back to them and said “Ok but this is final”

They said “Yeah absolutely, and passed a wicked smile to each other.”

Now she slowly started to strip her skirt. However she got difficulty to remove it due to her big sexy ass. And finally she managed to get out of it. Now she was in her black matching thongs which is hardly covering her clean shaved pussy and high heels. Her skirt was kept a aside.

Mr Agarwal said “Rani aab isse bhi utar do aur sabr nahi ho raha hai. Tumhari chut dkehne ke liye aankhe kab se taras rahi hai” On this she smiled and said “sari mehnat kya main hi karu aap kya karoge phir” I was astonished think that I must be dreaming since it was like one of my wild fantasy. My wife was standing in a flimsy thong in front of two old man who where now going to lick and fuck a sex starve bitch.

After that Mr. Agarwal went near to her put his hand straight in her pussy and start fingering her from sides of her panty. I thought that she will protest but she start moaning, by the time Mr. Batra was start sucking her right boobs and squeezing her left one. Now Mr. Agarwal was smooching her and I suppose her hand where on his zipper.

Now Mr. Agarwal unzipped his pants asked her to get on knees and suck his cock. It is a quite big, around 8 inches. I know that she always fantasies about big cocks since mine is average 6 inch. Once she put that cock inside her mouth Mr. Agarwal closed his eyes and hold her hairs. In the mean time Mr. Batra was getting undress. When she was sucking Mr Agarwal he said “That’s very nice bitch keep sucking that way.

Batra while she is busy sucking me why don’t you strip that panty off”. On this Mr. Batra said “Ok Boss” she also stand that way only while keeping Mr. Agarwal cock in her mouth. Mr. Batra went behind a few seconds he stairs her perfectly lovely round ass (may be admiring) then peel her panty off. Now she was completely naked and looking a prefect slut with a cock in her mouth.

When she was sucking Mr. Agarwal’s dick Mr. Batra start lick her pussy from behind. After a minute or two he said to Mr. Agarwal “Boss you don’t belief how wet this bitch is, I can easily able to slid 3 fingers” and again back to his job. Listen this I got unrest because I was unable to see what Batra was doing from where I was standing, so I moved and went other corner from where I can see Batra.

His tongue was completely inside Smita’s pussy and at the same time he was applying her pussy juices in her asshole. Mr. Agarwal was squzing her tits while she was giving her blowjob. I was so horny that I can’t control and I took my penis in my hand and start rubbing it. Suddenly Smita shout “ahhhh” I saw that Batra inserted his figure in her asshole and still licking her pussy. Then Mr. Agarwal said “Batra now can you please let me inspect that pussy with my rod” and all of them laughed again.

Now Smita hold wall and Agarwal put his saliva dripped cock inside her, she said “Ohhh it is so big” on this Batra said “Boss I think her husbands lund is not big as yours” Mr. Agarwal was fucking her wildly and sometime slapping her ass cheeks very hard. So hard that she was screaming loud but not asking for stop. While fucking Mr Agarwal asked her “Darling are you enjoying my lund” she said “yes very much” on this he ask her to utter the whole sentence “yes I am enjoying your lund” after few more stokes Mr. Agarwal pulled his cock and discharged the whole semen on her back.

Now it was Batra’s turn he asked Smita to bent on stairs, she did so. And he also put his cock from behind. His penis was not as big as Mr. Agarwal but he is wilder then him. He was also slapping her ass cheeks but he was continuously abusing her like “Smita meri randi kya mast chut hai teri. Kab se soch raha tughe chodne ko, par aaj jake mauka mila. Teri yeh mast moti gand bhi lunga aaj to main” listenting this Smita got more excited. She start screaming more loudly “ahhh ahhh oooo yess aur jorse karo plzzz”

Suddenly we herd some steps, Oh there was a security guard standing he saw Mr.Batra and Smita in this posture fully naked and Mr Agarwal without his pants. Mr Agarwal shouted “what happened how dare you come upstairs without my permission?” He said “extremely sorry sir, but Madam was looking for you and asked me to check upstairs since lift was not working. It is not my fault” By that time Smita and Batra start dressing. Mr. Agarwal said “Ok you go and ask madam that I will catch her at dining space” he said “Ok sir”. Then Mr Agarwal told them “let’s go now we plan for this session again and Smita not to mention your promotion and a fat hike like your ass is fixed” Mr Batra also said “Yeah, your best slut I ever fucked in this office” and all of them laughed.

But Smita asked “boss he saw us all doing this, if he tells this to others then?” On this Mr. Batra said with a cunning look “Do you no how your friend Malini got promotion?” listening to this she shockingly asked “She too” and both of them nodded.

Then they left and after few time also left while going down I was thinking to go back home or meet my wife, suddenly a security guard standing their winked me and said “Sir, enjoyed the show” I quickly gave him a five hundred rupee note and said “Yes”.

Adult Stories / Re: Story of Working girl who turns into a slut
« on: July 13, 2013, 10:52:00 PM »

After the first fuck he left to his college and due to the college studies we did not meet for last 2 months. I am very much craving for sex and daily I fingured in my bathroom since I won’t get much privacy in my home due to the presence of my sister in my room. After that our college culturals started. In that I was participating in solo dance. After the dance I came to change my dress in a classroom which was in the farmost corner of the college which was deserted as I don’t know that changing room has been shifted from there. But my dresses are all in that room only so I switched on the light and started to change the dress.
I forget to notice that there were some person in one corner of the room. I undressed my saree, blouse and petticoat and standing in my bra and panty. That time some flash appeared and I raised my head to see the flash and it was my college staff Joel and he had taken photos of half-naked body. I took the saree and covered mine, he came near me and asked him to take the saree. I was resisting and pleading him to leave me and give the photos, he told that he can give the photos only if I pose him nude and he wanted to feel my boobs. He came near me and I was unable to shout as if anyone comes they will also see my half-naked condition.
I pleaded him not to come near, but he didn’t listen to me and came near and hugged me and kissed my neck and at that time my resistance became week and my pussy started to leak. His arms went around my neck as he began to get very involved in the kissing and pretty soon our tongues were very busy in each other’s mouth, getting more and more wet and erotic. Putting his hands on the saree he fondled my breasts and was delighted to find them firm and swollen already. He spent some minutes kissing my lips and using his tongue on my ears which seemed to get myself very, very aroused. Now he removed my saree, now my bra and boobs are exposed. I wore a sexy half cup bra made of black lace with a snap on clip holding it together between my breasts. He pushed my breasts out of the cups and pushing the bra down beneath them lifting them, He began sucking them and biting the nipples with his teeth.
I began to moan and pulled his head closer until he was trying to suck all of my breast into his mouth. Needless to say by now He was at full of erection and having worn a tight jeans that day. Pulling me off the desk and making me to stand up he removed my saree completely and removed her lacy pale blue panty. My panty was wet at the crotch, and clung to my pussy as he pulled it down. I wriggled my hips for my panty to pass over my hips and soon they were at my ankles. He passed his hand between my legs and over my pussy, and my pussy was very wet. He spread my legs a little and then put his forefinger inside my hole, rotating it slowly as he pushed it in. Even as he put his finger in, he could feel mine getting wetter and my pussy hairs, which were trimmed quite short and neat, were getting soaked as his hand spread my juices around. My pussy was now highly scented too.
Rubbing my clit brought gasps from me and myself started biting his neck and holding him on closer. Even when He stopped and put 2 fingers inside of my pussy I did not stop, but my hips began to jerk as I came for the first time. He found that my Pusy was tight there was no resistance of any hymen. Afterwards I told him I lost my virginity to my BF and after that had not had any chance for sex for 2 months, so I am very tight.
He stopped rubbing me after I came, I stepped out of my panty and put them on the desk. I then unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants to my ankles. Lying back on the desk on top of my clothes, i lifted my legs wide and high, splitting my Pusy and inviting him. It was just at the perfect level of his cock, he did not even have to bend his knees as he push it slowly but firmly into my pussy. As I said before, I had a sexy shape. I did not meet any resistance but it was tight going in, and I was biting my lips as he was causing me some pain. When fully erect, his cock extends and is too thick to get my fingers around, so it was definitely thicker, and to think it was forcing into my pussy... I was jerking my hips up and down helping him.
Soon though He was inside mine and I am so wet, my juices ran out of my pussy and soaked his balls which were hanging just outside my butthole. Even fully inside of mine, I could feel the inside muscles of my pussy flexing and jerking to shape and squeeze his cock. He pulled out very slowly till only the tip of the head remained inside me, he slowly pushed back in, so slowly I was trying to pull him in. But by doing it slowly, I was more in need and He loved teasing me this way. After doing that for a few minutes, he gradually began to go faster, and at the same time I had another cum when he used his thumb on my clit, rubbing it.
He fucked me for a few minutes hard, and getting faster and faster, but he was so hard that soon his cock began to eject. He then stopped and turned me over. My legs were extending down over the desk and on the floor but I was bent over with my butt facing him, my pussy gaping wide where his fat cock had just come out of.
When he saw this, He had an idea. He made me go up to the top of the desk and get on my knees and elbows. This put my Pussy very high, but he pressed on my waist and myself widened my legs (knees apart) until I split very wide and my pussy was lower, in front of him. This way, he was able to get into my pussy easily and fucked me like this for a long time. Very often he leaned forward so all his length was inside mine and he was also able to lie on my back and play with my breasts. When he was ready to cum and he told me, I told him not to cum inside me. He pulled his cock out and pressed it against my asshole and jerked about 5 or 6 very hot, very hard ropes of cum onto my asshole. I was also cumming, probably just knowing he was ejaculating against my ass.
When he finished cumming, he wiped his cock all over my ass. I looked back at him and smile then came off the desk and kissed him. When we were both a bit calmer, we put our clothes on, I pulled my panty and pants on over his cum, taking it home with me. During this time he took many nude photos of mine and a video of dressing me up in my chudidar. He told me that he will fuck me whenever he needed otherwise he will publish the photos and videos and will make me a slut. I also needed a good fuck, he is more better than my BF so I too agreed for his demand. After that we exited the classroom, and I went to my scotty, and drove to my home not waiting for the program to finish.
After the incident he fucked me in college, in his car and in many other places, later he shared me with another staff and this came to the knowledge of my friends and everyone made me a slut, all this are coming soon.

Adult Stories / Story of Working girl who turns into a slut
« on: July 13, 2013, 10:51:21 PM »

I am Jeya, 27 years old, married to my lover and now working as asst. professor in a college. Now my status is 36C-28-38. All my students will be ogling at my breasts and ass in my tightly clad saree. Even my students tried to look at my belly but as per college rules we should not revel our belly. This story starts at the age of 18, when I am doing my 12th my lover proposed me, but I accepted in the 1st year of college. But our college was in different cities of about 500 Kms distance. So he came to visit me once in 2 weeks. That day we will roam the entire city and after that he will come to house as my both the parents are working they will be going to their works.

That time my status was 34C-26-36. Once we went to cinema that too was a mokka cinema in a mokka theatre. So there was no crowd and in the balcony there were only 2 couples including us. We were in the last seat and that couple was in the second last in one of the corner. After about 20 minutes the other couple started smooching and his hand was inside his salwar. After seeing this my lover(Anand) also started to roam his hands in my arms. I was waiting for him to touch my boobs, but he was just rubbing my hands and then he started to rub my thighs, but I was in utmost heat there till now I had heard about sex and we thought it should be after marriage only.

Now his hand just rose above and touched my boobs with his hand and rubbed there, so I took his hand and inserted under my kameez and chimes and placed his hand over my boobs over the bra and made him pressed. Now he started to press like balloon. I was wet in my panties and I asked him can we continue in my home. He also told yes and then we left the theatre immediately. We reached my home in my scooty and once we landed inside the hall I closed the door and he took me in his hand and made a deep smooch. This was my 1st smooch in my life and I too responded allowing his tongue inside my mouth and he sucked all my saliva and in return I sucked all his saliva.

Then he took me in his hand and went to my bedroom and put me in my bed and and he removed all his clothes and stands in his jutti. I was ashamed and I closed my face with his hand now he came close to me and removed my hand and again gave a kiss in my lips and I too started to respond. Now he placed his one hand over the boobs and pressed and took the other hand to my pussy and started fondled my pussy over the dress. Then he gave a break and told me to get up I too responded and he removed my chuddi tops and salwar and chimes. Now I was standing in front of him in my blue panty and black bra. Again he made me lie down in the bed and kissed my boobs over the bra, then he removed my straps down and and exposed my boobs and this was the first time my boobs was exposed to someone. I was ashamed but my heat was overtaking my shame. He took one boob in his mouth and other and pressed the other with his one hand and his other hand was inside my panty. Then he removed my bra and panty and made me naked for the first time.

He took my hand and placed it in his dick over the jatti, after that I removed his jutti and took his dick in my hand. It was 5 inch long; I was in heavy heat in my pussy. He inserted this middle finger in my pussy and finger fucked my pussy, then after 2 minutes he inserted another 2 fingers in my pussy and fucked me. My cum was very near and he stopped finger fucking me and asked me to take his dick in my mouth and I was not experienced that time and I feel very dirty to take the dick in my mouth. So I refused, he didn’t care about that and then again he made me lie down and inserted his hand in my pussy and then he went near my pussy and licked my pussy and I was in heaven. I cumed in his mouth and he too drank it.
He then take me to the edge of the bed and placed there and made my legs wide apart and then placed his dick at the enterence of my pussy and made a small stroke and the head of his dick was inserted and it started to pain for both of them as this was the first time of we two. But with that pain he inserted little by little in my pussy and it pained me a lot and I bitted a pillow to avoid sound. Finally he fully inserted his dick in my pussy and my seal was broken and he gave me some rest and my pain got reduced and then he started to pump me faster and faster, at first it was paining and then it became pleasure and I started to moan and ask him more faster. He fucked me for 15 minutes and cummed on my belly and we cleaned. Then we took lunch and after that we had 2 sessions and on that day he fucked me trice.

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"Throw her down and fuck her"

Mike ignored the voice, determined it wasn't going to spoil this moment, for either of them.

Slowly, he worked his way tenderly up her neck, kissing a thousand times every few inches, or so it felt to her. He moved from her neck to her jaw line, gently pressing his lips to her silken skin, moving toward the front of her jaw, to her chin and back around to the other side. Her mouth was open and small whimpers would waft out every few seconds. He kissed from the bottom of her jaw upwards, slowly towards her earlobe, taking it in her mouth, still fondling and pinching her nipples, eliciting small gasps and cries.

"Oh God, Mike." She pressed her body fully up against his and reached down, sandwiching her arm between them and gently resting her hand on his cock. He gasped, twitching suddenly at her touch. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in for a deeper kiss, amazed at how wonderful it felt to be embracing his older sister. His older SISTER, and she had her wrapped around his shaft. It felt so exciting, so dirty, so bad. A tingly shudder worked its way up his spine as she gently rubbed his cock up and down between them.

She pressed herself forward slowly, feeling her pussy lips finally start to press against the iron rod sticking between them. She was still wearing shorts and underwear, but they weren't anywhere near thick enough to dampen the sensation she was feeling. Lightning shot through her body as she slowly began to rock him backwards and rub her clitoris onto his cock through her shorts. Lips locked together, they slowly fell backwards until she was astride him, gently rocking back and forth, softly rubbing his cock with her hand and his face with the other. He had both arms locked fiercely around her body and his hands were deeply meshed with her long hair.

"Oh God, Oh God," She began to gasp, "Mike!" As she cried out his name, an orgasm began to course through her. She hadn't realized that he'd turned her on so much. She definitely hadn't expected that orgasm. She shuddered up and down on him, still stroking his cock and kissing him deeply. She heard him gasp and cry out, "Sarah, oh my... yes..."

Warm semen hit her breasts, her stomach, and coated her fingers. He was involuntarily thrusting forwards, driving her orgasm further. "Oh Mike, yes sweetie. Yes, cum for me. That's it sweetie. That's it. Oh God, I'm coming... yes."

Mike pushed his head further into his pillow, arching his back as he began to shoot out on his stomach, on hers, on her breasts, her hand. She lay there moaning a few more minutes as her orgasm ran its course, then lay still, collapsing on to his chest. A few seconds passed before she could raise her head. She smiled up at him as he stared at her. He lifted a hand and ran it along her cheek, brushing her hair out of her face.

"Hi," she said smiling at him, sweetly, then laying her head back down. A few long moments passed as they quietly enjoyed the feeling of their bodies against one another.

"I have to tell you something, but I don't want you to get a big head about it or anything."

Mike grinned, "Let me guess, you're pregnant."

She burst out laughing and slapped him a few times on the shoulder, pushing herself up a bit. "No, you big idiot." She fit him with a stare that said, 'I'm being serious with you now, so pay attention.'

"That was so... HOT," she said loudly, giggling again, "and oh my God, Mike, where did you learn to kiss like that? That was very, very erotic. I don't know if I've ever cum that hard in my life."

"Really?" he said. He felt like standing on the bed and flexing as hard as he could and doing the Ace Ventura 'Oh Yeah Can You Feel That' celebration dance, but he wisely thought better of it.

"Me either," he agreed finally. "It was just so exciting, feeling like we were being so naughty, you know? I can't believe this happened! I know normal porn definitely won't work anymore though. God I feel naughty."

"I know," she said, then turned to look at him quickly, "but I'm definitely glad we did it."

"So what happens now?" he asked. "Is it going to be weird between us?"

"Fuck Her"

"Mike, listen," she said, turning to him, taking a very direct approach. "I'm your sister, first and foremost. I love you no matter what. I have absolutely no problem with what just went on between us." She had propped herself up on her elbows now. "If you do, then we can pretend this never happened and go back to being plain old siblings."

"I don't know if I'd ever forget this," he smiled.

"I don't mind helping you with your homework, laundry, or anything else, so I liked being able to help you with this and clear you mind. Even if it's only going to be for an hour before you start getting built up again."

"Sarah, I'm not saying I regretted it, I just don't want you to be, different to me now that this has happened. I don't want it to ruin our relationship. That was the first time anyone has ever... done that for me."

"Really?" she asked, genuinely surprised. "I wouldn't have guessed that. You seem like you know what you are doing, especially in the foreplay area. You have a very um, persuasive tongue," she said with a cute embarrassed laugh.

He turned a little red at that, "I just, never really had the opportunity for any of this. You just made it so warm and special. You were just so easy to... figure out, you know. It was like I already knew where to kiss, and where to touch." She smiled and felt her heart thump a little faster at his innocence and shyness. She leaned up and kissed his forehead again.

"Well, I'm glad I could be your first then."

"My first?" he asked,

"Yeah silly, your first hand job," she smiled at him. "You gonna be ok?"

"Hell yes," Mike said, stretching.

"Well, you know where to come if you need any more help."

Mike gaped at her, a look of genuine surprise on his face.

"What?" she asked. "You didn't really think this would be the only time, did you? That was way too much fun not to do again."

Mike could feel his heart do a somersault.

She patted his stomach, "We'd better get moving, this would be very difficult to explain, and we definitely don't need to give Danni anymore ammunition against you. Of course," she quickly reached down and grabbed his cock, giving it a quick kiss, "you could always just flash this monster at her. She'd start fucking you so quick, your head would spin."

"Sarah!" he yelled at her, shocked. "She's my sister!" He hit her with a pillow.

"What the hell am I, you big dummy?"

"You know what I mean," he said, scowling.

She cackled and rolled completely off of him. She quickly reached down and grabbed her shirt, pulling herself together quickly and heading to the bathroom to wash up.

Just as she was leaving the room, Mike looked over at her and whispered to her, "Sarah, I really meant what I said. You really are very beautiful, and exciting."

"I know you were, sweetie, but it means a lot to hear you say it." She turned and blew him a kiss, wiggling her butt at him as she shut the door behind her.

Mike lay back on his bed, naked and closed his eyes. 'No voice," he thought, drifting to sleep. He dozed off quickly, and there were no nightmares.

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He looked so adorable, like he was enamored with her boobs. It was almost like they were the first pair he'd ever touched. It was so erotic having him pay so much attention to her breasts, most boys never did that. They liked hers of course, but they usually played with them a little, and then charged screaming for home plate... God, she was getting so wet. Little sighs and moans found their way from her lips to his ears, spurring him on. He marveled at how much smaller she was compared to him. She fit so easily inside his arms, it felt like he was protecting her from something, having her there, kissing her neck and hearing her enjoying every little kiss and touch. He felt like he could stay there for hours holding her, feeling her being protected by him for once.

He moved from one side of her body to the other, just staring, touching, and inspecting every inch of her perfect breasts. He glanced up at her briefly, and seeing her smile, gingerly leaned his head in and licked his sister's nipple as softly as he could manage. She arched her back again and involuntarily scooted closer to him, eager to get her nipple closer to his tongue. She felt her own tongue playing around the outside of her mouth, trying to convince his own what to do to her eagerly awaiting nipples.

She moaned louder as he finally sucked the entire nipple into his mouth, running his entire tongue along the top of it as if it were a large scoop of vanilla. He smelled so good, his hair still sticky with sweat, his muscles warm from the sun outside. It was so intoxicating, feeling the he way licked and sucked so many parts of her breasts. He moved from one breast to the other, planting a thousand gentle kisses on the flesh in between.

"You don't have to focus on the nipple, unless that's what you like. Kissing any part of a woman's breast can feel nice," she said, sighing deeply and desperately trying to concentrate. "Then again, I'm not complaining with the job you are doing." She couldn't suppress the moan that escaped her lips a few seconds later as he drew the first nipple back in his mouth again, sucking, a little too hard at first, but then gently releasing as he felt it swell underneath his tongue.

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Chapter 3

Mike had run upstairs and sat down on his bed, waiting for his embarrassment to subside. He looked down inspecting his rigidity, but it didn't look to be going anywhere soon. "Dead kittens, monkeys brains, clowns," Mike said, concentrating. Then, opening his eyes to take another look, he scolded, "Damn it." It actually looked harder. Knowing what he'd have to do, he reached into the drawer next to his bed to grab the bottle of lotion he kept close.

He squirted some on his hand and stood, looking for something to ejaculate into. He grabbed a towel off his desk and glanced outside. His three sisters were still sunning their already tanned bodies outside. "Oh god," he said, as he felt arousal rumble throughout his loins, it actually jumping up a notch after looking at his sisters. With a curious look on his face, he quickly opened up a webpage and clicked around for some porn. A pretty blonde with pigtails and cum on her face popped into view. "Perfect," he said and started to furiously rub his engorged member. A wet *squish, squish* noise quietly filled his room once again. He continued to rub, waiting... and waiting... and waiting. What the hell? Damn it, the pretty blonde wasn't going to do it this time.

Danni was rubbing more oil on her stomach. His dick jumped. Sighing and resigning himself to his fate, he grabbed his cock and slowly to massage its length. She moved up and rubbed oil on her breasts, her hand briefly travelling below the top and then back up again. She adjusted them and let them fall back down. He could feel it building up within him.

"Mike," said a voice behind him. He froze.

"Sweetie, turn around." It was Sarah. He didn't fucking move.

He heard a click as the door closed and another as it locked. "I'm not trying to embarrass you and I'm not going to scold you. Please, turn around so I can talk to you."

His head dropped and he slowly turned, dick in hand, expecting a burst of uncontrollable laughter . "I'm...I'm," he stuttered. He felt like crying, he was so embarrassed.

Sarah didn't scold him, though. She was too good of a person for that.

"Stop, you don't have to be embarrassed, sweetie. Masturbation is as natural as... as...," she had a caring look on her face as he glanced at her. "Well, even I do it pretty regularly. Probably not as much as you, and usually not in the middle of the day, and certainly not with any thoughts toward one of our sisters, but I still do it all the same."

Mike's face was burning. He'd never been so humiliated. He felt like crawling in a hole and dying.

"Sweetie, talk to me."

"What do you want me to say? This is the ultimate embarrassment. First the downstairs incident, and now getting caught by my sister while imagining my other sisters."

"I'm sorry that I forced you to get undressed and caused you to... well... you know."

"Hit you in the face with my dick," Mike finished for her.

"Precisely yes, thank you. It's okay sweetie, I'm not angry."

"I know, this is just... a little awkward."

"Can we talk about it? You'll feel better."

"I'd rather just hide in here for about a year," he said with a glance, but then realized that she was obviously not going anywhere until this was resolved to her satisfaction.

"Why are you masturbating to your sisters? I'm only assuming you were since you were at the window."

"I don't really know," he answered. It just kind of happened. I was jerking off in the shower this morning and she just kind of popped in my head and wouldn't leave. It was very, intense."

"Who is she? Beth?"

Mike slowly shook his head. "Danni," he admitted, his face burning.

"Danni? Really?"

Mike looked up and saw that she had a puzzled look on her face.

"What's wrong with Danni? She's hot," he couldn't believe he was defending her.

"Nothing, it's just I figured..."


"Well, Beth's just got much bigger boobs than the rest of us, and she's so beautiful when she lets herself be. I don't know, I just figured if you were gonna jerk off to one of your sisters, it'd be her, or Emma maybe."

"I don't do this, I've never done this," Mike said, feeling exasperated. He looked down at his cock again. It was still at full mast and demanding someone pay attention to it. "I was showering this morning and trying to get rid of some frustration or hormones or whatever, and I... when I finished... Danni just wouldn't get out of my head," he confessed, leaving out the screaming "Oh Danni" part and Emma witnessing the event.

"Sweetie, everyone has weird shit pop into their head when they masturbate. It's natural, nothing to feel bad about." She was trying to look him in the eyes, but he was desperately looking anywhere but at her face. Her gaze kept drifting back down to his painful looking erection.


"What," Mike said, flustered.

"How are you still erect? It's been like that since you came inside, and that was like ten minutes ago. Is it gonna, you know, go away? It's starting to look a little painful. I mean, can't you just, I dunno, not think about sex?"

He looked at her, briefly amused. Her eyes were travelling from his penis back up to his face, though they kept drifting back down to his crotch. He felt like a pervert, seeing his sweet, older sister staring at his crotch. "I doubt it, it's like it has a mind of its own," he grumbled, no longer amused.

"Why don't you look at something on the computer to um, well, you know..."

"To help me get rid of this damn thing," he finished for her.

"Yeah," she said, offering a smile.

"It won't help, I tried, obviously," he said pointing at his computer screen.

He felt dirtier than he already did as she leaned over and clicked on a few pictures. "Wow," she said. "I like that one," she said, indicating a picture of two beautiful lesbians locked in a sixty-nine.

"Sarah!" Mike said, surprised.

"Sorry sweetie, it's just a little, um... hard, to concentrate."

He rolled his eyes and looked away.

"How about fantasizing about something?"

He looked at her like she was growing a horn out of her face. "I'd just have Danni pop back into my head."

"Why Danni?" she asked, suddenly very inquisitive. "Is Beth in there anywhere? Emma?"

Mike groaned and rolled to the side. "This is the worst day I've had in a long time."

"I'm sorry sweetie, I was just curious. I'm only trying to help."

"You're all in there somewhere. It's happened before," he finally admitted. "I think I've got an evil subconscious, or something. It causes this shit to pop into my head at the last moment, right before I ejaculate."

"All of us?" Sarah asked, a curious little grin on her face.

Mike started turning red again. "Yes."

"So you..."

Mike saved her the pain of saying it.

"Yes, you pop in there too, more than the others, in fact."

"I do?" she said, shocked.

Mike nodded.


He shrugged weakly, "I don't really know why any of my sisters pop in there."

"But, I'm not gorgeous like Beth, or sexy like Danni, or have Emma's cute little ass."

Mike looked at her incredulously. "Emma's cute little ass?"

"Don't tell me you haven't noticed her ass."

"Well, of course I've noticed, but I didn't think..."

"What, that I'd know that one of my sisters had a nice ass?"

Mike was beginning to wonder if he knew Sarah at all. She was looking at him again.

"Yes, they are all very sexy." he said, but then added, "But you just seem so perfect, and you are sexy too, and pretty, and so kind."

"You really think I'm pretty?" She looked shocked.

Mike nodded again, then looked up and stared directly at her. He looked a little ridiculous at that moment he was sure, pecker hard as steel and his oldest sister trying to comfort him. "I'm sorry."

"For thinking about me when you masturbate?"

Mike nodded again. "That and..." he gazed down at his hard-on

"I," she started. "I think it's flattering. I don't know, I suppose if you have to think of something, I don't mind it being me."

"You don't?" It was Mike's turn to look surprised.

"No," she shook her head, "but you have to tell me something."

"Okay...," he said looking at her curiously.

"What do you find sexy about me?" She was biting her lip nervously, and he suddenly became afraid that he'd say the wrong thing.

"Complement her breasts"

"Well, um," he began, trying to figure out what it was that turned him on so much whenever she popped into his head. He sat back a second and tried to figure out what she was doing whenever she appeared the last time he'd achieved orgasm, and then remembered about Captain Super Dong in his lap and quickly leaned forward.

"I've got a thing for shorter girls, I suppose. I really like the way your breasts look in your apron, and when you are wearing shirts like that one," he nodded at her chest. She glanced down and grinned back up at him. She was obviously enjoying this.

"What else?"

"Well, I like the way, you wash dishes."

She looked at him like he said he liked it when she took a dump.

"When I wash dishes?"

"You are just so concentrated on your work; sometimes I just sit and watch you. You move around and your boobs wiggle beneath the apron; it seems like you never want to wear a bra. Not that I mind," he added quickly and lowering his gaze to hide his smile. He glanced back up at her a second later; she was smiling like someone had just given her flowers.

"Go on," she said softly.

"What else do you wanna know?" he asked, starting to get embarrassed again. "I like the way your butt looks when you fold clothes and the way you curl your toes when you are reading on the sofa or watching tv. I like the way you brush your hair from your face whenever you're concentrating on something. You are just so, damned..." he searched for the right word, "delectable!"

"Delectable?" she couldn't contain her smile. "That's so very sweet, Mike."

"So how do I look when you, you know..." she said, hoping he'd finish her thought for her. He wasn't going to make it easy on her though, and sat looking at her.

"...when you masturbate. How do I look when you masturbate," she said finally leaving her tentative shyness behind.

He giggled at her for a second. "The last time it happened and you popped in my head, you were standing at the sink, wearing nothing but an apron and doing dishes. You were turned around and you had one finger dipping sexily into your mouth."

"Wow, and that worked for you?"

"Ohhhh yeah." Mike said, "I get that one a lot."

"A lot? How often do you jerk off?"

Mike blushed. "Somewhere around 5 or 6 times a day, maybe more."

"Holy shit Mike!" She was taken aback. He felt like a freak, a crazy meat slapping perverted freak.

"Jeez, that's a lot." she exclaimed, "Sweetie, how can you handle it that much?"

"I have to! Sex is all I think about, and I do mean ALL I ever think about! If I don't, I can't even think straight. Especially around this house, with Beth's beautiful tits staring at me all the time, or Danni shaking her rump around the house, or your sweet face and perfect breasts poking me in the chest whenever I'm hugging you, and Emma's luscious curves and ass."

"Yeah, you sure do seem to like those hugs a lot, and its easy to see why now." she said, with a wry grin.

He smiled, blushing slightly. "I can't help it. You girls are driving me insane. I know you are my sisters and its wrong, but that's why it's so damn exciting. You have no idea the effect you have on me and my... situation."

"Wow," she repeated, "I'm flattered now that I know how attractive you find me."

"Really, you aren't repulsed by all of... this?" he said, gesturing to himself.

She smiled and shook her head. "So um, how are you going to get rid of that... monster?" she asked quietly, giggling at her choice of words.

"I don't know if it's a monster, but thanks anyways. I'm hoping it will just go away eventually, on its own." but the look on his face didn't convey very much faith in that idea.

"Well you can always..."

He looked at her, she looked nervous. She was probably afraid that his dick would suddenly try to eat her.

"Nom nom nom"

"Do you want..."

He looked at her curiously again. She was biting her lip nervously and fiddling with her nails.

"Um, do you want some... help?"


"What? You are my brother and I love you! I don't like to see you so uncomfortable. If you are really jerking off that much, then you are obviously overwhelmed with all these hormones!" She had her hands on her hips now and looked like she was trying to scold him, "I take care of you in every other way, what's wrong with taking care of you in that way."


"Mike, come on, I was just asking if I could help you, I didn't say that we'd drop to the floor and I'd let you fuck my brains out."

"Jeez Sarah!" He'd never heard her talk like that, and it was definitely not helping to diminish his erection."

"Calm down Mike," she replied laughing.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He opened them again and she was still staring at him, waiting for an answer. He rubbed his face with his lotion free hand, finally conceding that he couldn't make himself disappear just by willing it.

"What did you have in mind?" he asked.

She hadn't thought that far ahead. She looked around her, as if she'd find a blowup sex doll somewhere around his room. "Well um, would you like me to..."

He didn't drop his gaze. After a few agonizing seconds he asked, "To do what?"

"To let you look at me?" she said, giggling as she saw his overzealousness.

"You'd do that for me?" he asked, a little too enthusiastically.

"Sure I would, sweetie," she smiled sweetly at him again. "Why don't you lie back on the bed?"

The part of Mike's brain that usually didn't speak directly to him, the moral side, suddenly woke up at that point and wondering just what the hell was going on. The voice sucker punched it, knocking it out again.

She stood and went over to the window, glancing to make sure the other three were still outside sunbathing. Reaching up, she pulled both of the blinds shut and slowly turned around.

"Can you still see me well enough?"

Mike nodded, a little too enthusiastically. She came and stood at the end of his bed. He was lying down in the middle with his feet hanging off the end and his head on his pillow. His dick was an angry red tower in the middle of his sheets.

She slowly reached up and undid the top button on her shirt. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, threatening to pop out and fall to the floor. It didn't, thankfully, realizing it was still needed to continue pumping blood to the pulsing tower between his legs.

Her hands moved to the second button, he could see the space between her breasts, soft and tender and kissable. She moved her hands lower and undid the third button, never taking her eyes from her brother, who had slowly begun to massage his erection again. As she undid the last button, she pulled her shirt open and Mike was afforded his first full unobstructed view of her impressive breasts. They were pale, as she was usually too busy for anything as frivolous as laying out in the sun. They were larger than Danni's and nearly as big as Beth's.

"Like what you see?" she asked, just a little nervously. Her eyes looked down, unable to look him in the face. She seemed ashamed of her body, almost embarrassed. Mike couldn't make his mouth work correctly, so he nodded his head like a puppy would. Seeing her smile as she saw him nodding so fervently, lit up his entire world.

As her breasts spilled free and Mike stared at them for the first time, he sighed audibly, like a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. They seemed so perfect, round and pale, nipples small and erect. Was she getting turned on as well? They looked like they were very bouncy and had almost no sag to them. They actually seemed perfect to him, for lack of a better word.

"Wow," he said. "God you are so damn hot."

"Ok," she said blushing and rolling her eyes, "you don't have to sweet talk me you big smoothie."

"No, I mean it, sis. You are," he looked up at her and directly into her eyes, "perfect."

She smiled, blushing. "You're very sweet, Mike." She smiled as he looked at her inquisitively. She nodded at him, "You can touch me."

His heart was pounding like a hammer in his chest. He slowly leaned forward and wrapped an arm around her hip, pulling her close to him. She accommodated him by straddling both of his legs, sitting down on his upper thighs.

"That's not hurting you, is it?" she asked him softly.

"It's fine." It could've been evil monkeys hammering razor blades into his skin and he wouldn't have moved her. Gingerly he reached out, running his hand along her face. Skin so soft, smooth, God she was so beautiful. He had a sudden urge to kiss her. So gently running his hand along her cheek, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. They were moist, warm, and parted easily, allowing him in. He probed gently with his tongue, feeling hers, warm and soft, yielding. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeper, pulling his head closer to hers and gently probing his mouth with her tongue. He moaned softly and she smiled as she kissed him. He looked down as she kept kissing, moving gently to his cheek. Her breasts were so close to him, he slowly ran a hand down her shoulder. She arched her back in anticipation of his touch, and slowly his hand closed around her orb. She moaned audibly as he leaned in and began to kiss her neck, then lower, down her neck and to her chest. He pulled back and stared at her breasts, going over every freckle, and every bump, his hands moved gently over her nipples, pinching and rolling them beneath his fingers.

He looked so adorable, like he was enamored with her boobs. It was almost like they were the first pair he'd ever touched. It was so erotic having him pay so much attention to her breasts, most boys never did that. They liked hers of course, but they usually played with them a little, and then charged screaming for home plate... God, she was getting so wet. Little sighs and moans found their way from her lips to his ears, spurring him on. He marveled at how much smaller she was compared to him. She fit so easily inside his arms, it felt like he was protecting her from something, having her there, kissing her neck and hearing her enjoying every little kiss and touch. He felt like he could stay there for hours holding her, feeling her being protected by him for once.

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He'd looked down at the pool and caught sight of the tent that had been pitched in his pants. Hands full, he couldn't really do anything about his dong situation. He hurriedly threw the scoop of shock into the pool and put the chlorine pucks into the strainer. Nonchalantly turning back around he tried to adjust his dick so that it wouldn't look like the Leaning Tower of Weiner and grabbed the hose to wash his hands off. He'd already resolved to jerk off again when he got upstairs, hopefully to someone he wasn't related to.

He was hot though, and deciding quickly he grabbed the hose and held it over his head. Water began to cascade down his sweaty muscled body. Unbeknownst to him, all three sisters slowly craned their heads to the left and stared. He rubbed a hand through his hair to free dirt and grass and sweat from it and gasped as the water cooled and cleaned him. He shook his head vigorously and ran the hose over his chest and armpits, briefly scrubbing them, and then turned and cut off the water.

As he turned around he saw all three sisters, obviously staring at him. He glanced at them, curiously, waiting for a comment from one of them or even all. Finally growing impatient he glared back. "What?" he yelled.

Simultaneously, three heads dove back into magazines and they all chimed, "Nothing."

Rolling his eyes, Mike turned and went inside.

"Stop right there," Sarah said, as he came through the patio door, bringing him a towel. He smiled sheepishly, seeing the puddle of water around his feet.

"Strip," she said, indicating his clothes.

""I'll bring them to you in a second." he said. He didn't want her to be made aware of his boner. It was still hard enough to cut glass, or at least puncture half a dozen things he could think of just off the top of his head alone.

"Let's go puncture Beth," the voice blurted out.

"And drip water through the living room, up the stairs and down the hall, I think not bucko, now strip," she said, holding the towel ready.

Seeing he wasn't going to get out of this easily, he unbuttoned his fly and peeled his wet blue jeans off. Wet blue jeans are hard as shit to get off, as he was soon reminded. He pulled at them with one hand, while holding tightly onto his boxers with the other. Not making any progress he let go of his boxers and made an attempt pulling with both hands.

Sarah, genuinely trying to be helpful, leaned down and pulled on the sides of his pants, which then immediately began to slide, and with a sudden wet *slosh* his pants did come off, completely down both legs. But unfortunately, right along with his boxers. Acutely aware that he was now naked, and his erection was free and pointing directly where it morally shouldn't be, he began to turn and cover himself.

Sarah, being directly in the line of fire, never had a chance. Mike's dick hit her square in the face as he tried to turn around. It hit her in the nose and grazed off her open lips as she tried to pull her head up out of the way. Throwing herself off balance as a result, she fell back onto her butt as she slapped a hand over her mouth.

"That was awesome"

"Oh my god i m so sorry," she blurted through her hand, not being able to help herself and staring at her wildly dancing brother who was desperately trying to hide his erection. "You could have said, something... about... your... situation. Oh my goodness sweetie, here," she said finally offering him the towel. He ripped it from her grasp and around his body in a frenzy and bolted upstairs.

"Wow," Sarah said after a few seconds of stunned silence.

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